These genes were tight

CAMA Santa Barbara - Misha Maisky accompanied by Lily ably assisted by her 1/2 brother Maxim 5/12/16 Lobero Theatre

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Hailing from Belgium, super-cellist Mischa Maisky came to the Lobero for a long overdue Santa Barbara debut accompanied by pianist daughter Lily with her 11 year old half-brother Maxim as page-turner (who showed he knows a thing or two about music too). Musically, it was a rich and varied evening of Beethoven, Piazzola and Britten,…

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A visit to the Temple

Author, Professor and Autism Spokesperson Temple Grandin - UCSB Arts & Lectures 5/10/16 Granada Theatre

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Temple Grandin is funny, and, she’s very informative without being too didactic. She has a serious intellect which happens to be informed by visual thinking rather than word thinking, but her rapid-fire delivery and great facility with words prove that a visual thinker can use them very effectively! In fact, one can’t help thinking…

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Jumping all over the place

Vim Vigor Dance Company dancer Martin Durov - DANCEworks Santa Barbara publicity shoot 5/6/16 Lobero Theatre

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As a sneak preview of Shannon Gillen and Vim Vigor Dance Company’s DANCEworks Santa Barbara residency at the Lobero next fall, Shannon and company dancers Laja Field and Martin Durov came to Santa Barbara May 6 & 7 and put on a show! First up was a high-energy publicity photo shoot onstage, and the…

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Fated to drown

UCSB Dept. of Theater & Dance - "Too Much Water" directed by Jenny Mercein and Joyelle Ball 5/4 Performing Arts Theater

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In this new play directed by Jenny Mercein and Joyelle Ball, Ophelia’s ghost appears on the set of a UCSB rehearsal of “Hamlet,” but she has some serious amnesia. She can only remember some of the good things that happened to her, and as the cast guides her through the plot, they discover many connections…

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