Theater is much different from movies and television, even though all three do the same thing–tell a story. It is more of a physical experience, and commands the audience’s attention more completely. The fact that you are in the same room with the actors lends an immediacy and presence that you can’t get from film or television.

No matter what I’m shooting, when the house lights go down, I usually have no idea what I’m in for. Every time I shoot a show, it’s an adventure; not only am I going to have a new theatrical experience, but I’ve also got to be ready to capture something that conveys what it’s all about, and ideally makes an artistic statement.

I probably encounter more variety shooting theater than any other category of performing art. There is a rich motherlode of material in the world of theater, and shooting it is a joy!

“David Bazemore is simply the best! He captures shots that, year after year, take my breath away. He has an uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time. This is amazing when you consider that he is not shooting staged pictures, he is shooting performances while they are in progress, and managing to keep abreast of, and tell, the whole story! David Bazemore makes me look very good at what I do!” –Actor, Playwright & Director Emma-Jane Huerta