Friday Club - Wassup?

Part of the DANCEworks month-long residency of Adam Barruch Dance is the Friday Club. For a $50+ donation you can become a DANCEworks insider! Meet Adam and the dancers and see exclusive rehearsals with refreshments afterwards.

Summer Solstice Parade

The annual Summer Solstice Celebration Parade in Santa Barbara, CA is one of the highlights the cultural scene. In 2001 I made a video chronicle of the parade and the workshops that lead up to it.

Adam Barruch's "Sweeney Todd"

Rehearsals continue. Adam Barruch Dance is the DANCEworks company-in-residence at Santa Barbara’s Lobero Theatre, working on a Dance Theater interpretation based on highlights of Stephen Sondheim’s masterpiece, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. In this exploration of the classic work, movement is utilized to accentuate Sondheim’s brilliant score. Mentored by acclaimed Canadian artist, Margie Gillis, Adam Barruch is working with a company of six brilliant performers on the process of discovering the corporeal language that will eventually become an evening length Dance Theatre production of the acclaimed musical. Using Barruch’s gestural language, audiences will be taken deeper into the psychological realms of these complex and emotionally charged characters.

Seats Out!

We're putting on our hard hats and getting to work on Encore: Lobero! You may have noticed some wear-and-tear throughout the building. This theatre has been well-loved, and well-used for 89 years. The Lobero Theatre is ready for a second act! The first step is to remove the old seating to make way for new, more spacious seating and renovating the beautiful painted ceiling as well as sprucing up the whole theatre.

Bolero Santa Barbara Day 8

DANCEworks Day 8 - Lary Keigwin + Company "Bolero Santa Barbara" April 5th. The rest of the dancers of Keigwin+Co are still arriving. Zen Beach Blanket Surfing, big waves and hula hoops. Things are getting Tubular! Like all gnarley, dude, gnarley. Even the dog approves....

Doug Elkins & his dancers

DANCEworks 2011! First take: Doug Elkins and his dancers begin work on "Mo(or)town," deconstructing Shakespere's "Othello," set to the music of Motown. At a party to introduce Doug and his Dancers to the Board and Donors, we hear Doug describe the thinking behind this exciting new work. Then we see the choreography begin to take shape on the stage of the Lobero Theatre. Flash Mob coming soon!

Doug Elkins's "Mo(o)rtown"

DANCEworks 2011! "Mo(or)town Redux" day 17. Doug Elkins' deconstruction of Shakespere's "Othello," set to the music of Motown, continues to develop. Cori & Alex, and Donnell & Gregory work on their defining pas des deux with input from dramaturg Anne Davison.


DANCEWORKS Santa Barbara 2013 - Keigwin + Company attend Josette Roozen-Tkacik's super high-energy Zumba class.

Keigwin + Co and Chris Lancaster -

DANCEworks Day 20 -Keigwin + Company April 16th. Work continues "Exits", commissioned by SUMMERDANCE Santa Barbara and the Lobero Theatre as part of Keigwin + Company's month-long resisdency. This piece features new music composed and played live by electro-cellist/composer Chris Lancaster.

Brian Brooks Moving Co.

DANCEworks 2012! "Big City" Take 5: As the final week of the Brian Brooks Moving Company residency gets into full swing, we see the set and costumes coming together and "Big City" begins to look like a real show! Brian, Philip Trevino, Roxana Ramseur and Jonathan Pratt are working on new ideas, and everyone's excitement is building for what will surely be a grand world premiere @ the Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara.

Keigwin + Company rehearse

And now for something totally different! Keigwin + Company's repertory work "12 Chairs" will be performed March 1st & 2nd, 2013 at the Historic Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara presented by DANCEWORKS Santa Barbara, a joint project of SUMMERDANCE Santa Barbara and the Lobero Theatre Foundation.