State Street Ballet's "Secret Garden"

State Street Ballet's "Secret Garden" - A full-lenght ballet choreographed and directed by Josie Walsh with original score by Paul Rivera Jr. and multi-media scenic design by David Bazemore. World premiere performance at Santa Barbara's Granada Theatre February 26th, 2012.


Santa Barbara Music Club concert at the Faulkner Gallery, Santa Barbara Public Library

Opera Santa Barbara's "Aida"

Set during the recent Arab Spring and featured AK47s, a jeep and waterboarding, this bold new production is a whole new take on the Verdi classic. Sound by Opus 1

Robert Sund's "Beauty and the Beast"

Emmy Award-winning Choreographer Robert Sund's "Beauty and the Beast" is at once funny, mysterious, dark and beautiful. Excerpts from State Street Ballet of Santa Barbara's performance at the Lobero Theatre on March 9, 2013.

Peter Pucci's "Dream On By"

State Street Ballet's Finale of the 2012-2013 Season featured a premiere of Peter Pucci's new work "Dream on By" set to some of Paul Simons most-loved songs. Also featured were 2 more new works: "Yoruba," set to music by Zap Mama, chorepgraphed by former SSB dancer Autumn Eckman, and "Pistolero" by current SSB dancer Samantha Bell. "Patsy & Hank" and "B.A.N.D." by Emmy-winner Robert Sund rounded out this fine and enrgertic program.

John Cleese & LAGQ - "Don Quixote"

An excerpt from the DVD of "The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote" read to hilarious effect by the incomparable John Cleese with music from the time of Cervantes performed by the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet. We join our two "heros" midway through Book II – in chapters III & IV, Don Quixote wrestles with a cat and Sancho Panza nearly starves.

"The Firebird" by State Street Ballet

Igor Stravinsky's "The Firebird" by State Street Ballet and the Santa Barbara Symphony with new choreography by New York Choreograoher William Soleau.

Music Academy of the West's "Magic Flute"

The Music Academy of the West's fully staged production of "The Magic Flute," overseen by Marilyn Horne and conducted by Warren Jones, was a triumph and a lot of fun too! Featuring highly talented singers and musicians from the 2013 Summer Festival. Sound by Opus 1.

Opera Santa Barbara's "Don Pasquale"

Philip Cokorinos's vivd portrayal of the befuddled old Don in Opera Santa Barbara's production of Donzetti's Don Pasquale was spot on and hlarious, and he sang magnificently. Sound by Opus 1

Lit Moon's "Hamlet"

Lit Moon Theater Company has done it again: gone boldly beyond where only they have not feared to tread. This is a new update of their reworking of "Hamlet," the (depending on your point of view) timeless classic or tired old chestnut. This daring interpretation certainly breathes new vitality and insight into that venerable staple of the stage. Featuring an all new soundscape by veteran Lit Mooner James Connolly, actors Erin Brehm, Victoria Finlayson & Stanley Hoffman playing multiple roles, and Jeff Mills as the dithering Dane, all directed by magic-maker John Blondell, it made for a brief but riveting bout with the the bard.

Ballet Santa Barbara, Fall 2010

BSB's first Lobero Theatre residency took place over three days in October, 2010, performed free of charge for over 1300 school children from Santa Barbara. Two works by Carrie Diamond were created especially for this residency: Wisperfal, a ballet inspired by Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons, choreographed to music by Eric Valinsky, also inspired by Vivaldi, and "Haringduet" choreographed to music by Daniel Levitan.

Adam Barruch's "Belladona"

As a teaser and preview for DANCEworks Santa Barbara's 2015 Artist-in-Residency, Adam Barruch and Chelsea Bonosky performed the haunting and hypnotic "Belladonna," choreographed by Mr. Barruch, onstage at the historic Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara, CA.

State Street Ballet's "An American Tango"

State Street Ballet premiered William Soleau's "Veloz & Yolanda, An American Tango" at the Lobero Theatre October 26th, 2012. Excerpts. Featuring digital scenery by yours truly.