I started shooting professionally with dance, and that has been an advantage because dance is the most difficult performing art to capture. During a dress rehearsal or performance, there is often relatively low light and a lot of movement–a potential nightmare for getting good shots. Flash is not allowed.

On the other hand, as an art form, it can be the most beautiful and fulfilling to photograph, with action, color, line and composition that is not often surpassed by the other performing arts.

Performance photography is all about catching split second moments. Dance is the best training ground, because those moments are even smaller fractions of a second–it demands a very good sense of timing, and being able to anticipate when the right moment will be. I feel strongly that the fact that I am a musician helps a great deal.

Whether it’s a full dress rehearsal, or 10 minutes or less during a show (as often happens for all kinds of performances) shooting dance has prepared me for just about anything.