From the personal to the politic

Michael Fracasso made his 3rd appearance @ Sings Like Hell Aug. 27th, and what a pleasure to hear him again! Backed by Betty Soo (an SLH alum) on keys & bass, and drummer Mark Patterson, Michael’s pure high tenor and very personal songwriting were so right it almost hurt. My favorites of the evening were “Gypsy Moth” and “Man On a Bicycle” (from his latest release “Here Come the Savages”). Former music journalists Eric Brace and Peter Cooper mine a deep well of knowledge about and love for alt country, folk, bluegrass and rock traditions, and the artists who’ve made the best in those styles. They add their own wry twist to it all and have come up with songs that embody the definition of politic: canny, sagacious, shrewd and astute. There’s even some politics in there too to add to the fun quotient.