Past Determines Destiny?

Karen Wolverton (Magda) & Adam Diegel (Ruggero) - Opera Santa Barbara's "La Rondine" location publicity photo 4/13/17 Hope Ranch residence

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Back in the day, as World War I was in full swing, when it came to morals? Yes; at least in the world of Opera. So, just like a migratory bird, La Rondine (the swallow) must return north to Paris after an affair on the Riviera, and her dream of having true love after…

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Salsa Celebration!

The Pancho Sanchez Latin Jazz Band - Lobero Live! 4/21/17 The Lobero Theatre

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Pancho Sanchez and his Latin Jazz Band are a perfect antidote to trying times, and their Lobero show was a joyous, make-you-want-to-dance trip through many of the classics of this energetic and rich musical genre, with forays into other forms of jazz, soul and blues. Hits by Willie Bobo, mentor…

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Spinning of His Own?

NY Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman - UCSB Arts & Lectures 4/20/17 The Arlington Theatre

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NY Times columnist Thomas L. Friedman began an animated talk about his new book “Thank You For Being Late” by doing just that to a couple of late arrivals at a recent UCSB Arts & Lectures event; a cute touch which drew the audience in, setting them up for his “folksy” preamble to…

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A Different Perspective

"Towards the Yin" by Kelli Forman - UCSB Theater & Dance Spring Dance Concert 4/13/17 Hatlen Theater

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The UCSB Theater & Dance Department’s Dance Concerts are always chock full of really wonderful imagery and “Free/Fall” this spring was no exception. But, due to a scheduling conflict, I shot a show instead of a dress rehearsal. This necessitated shooting form an aisle at the back of the house, at…

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