What’s in a Name?

When it comes to a certain song by Peter Case, a heck of a lot. The perennial series of concerts at the Lobero Theatre started by Peggie Jones 20 years ago(!) is named Sings Like Hell after that song and he was the first performer to appear in what has become a showcase for a wide range of singer songwriters (mostly), both undiscovered and well known. Of course there has been music of many other kinds too, from Country to R&B, blues, gospel, rock, folk, pop (edgy, quirky or cool) and even some jazz, plus a whole lot that falls in between categories. The September 2017 edition was essential SLH, featuring Sam Baker and the man himself, Peter Case. Baker’s set was so right-on that Peggie let him go on longer than is usual for the opener, a set filled with great songs and storytelling. Mr. Case was in an ebullient mood and was clearly having a grand time as he reeled off songs old and new, led a spirited sing along and doled out wry observations and commentary. He truly lived up to the title of that song, and Peggie’s dream too. Wahoo!