Totally Tango

Day 1 for Estaban Moreno and Union Tanguera dancers Gabrielle Weisbuch,  Nayhara Zeugtrager and Daniel del Valle Escobar was put to good use as they began work on the next premiere for DANCEworks Santa Barbara, getting a feel for the space and working out some of Estaban’s exciting Tango moves. One of the most compelling features of all kinds of dance revolves around partnering, from traditional ballet’s many pas de deux to cutting edge contemporary couplings, and it is what Tango is all about. In the new work they are creating, both Kate Weare and Moreno are exploring “abrazo” – the embrace – which is fundamental to tango and is the foundation and departure point for “Sin Salida/In Love I Broke Beyond.” It will be a new take on the physical connections between two people, the love, hate, tenderness and violence of life. It will be interesting to see how the contrasts and similarities between Weare’s contemporary dance sensibility and Moreno’s updated Tango choreography play out as the piece develops.