Tiki Torches in a Different Light

Whenever David Lindley visits the Lobero Theater to astound with his multi-instrumental prowess, the house is filled with guitar slingers and lovers of the “out there” who get a full helping of one of the quirkiest and most distinctive purveyors of slide playing in the world. His work with notables ranging from Jackson Browne to Curtis Mayfield and Dolly Parton (to name just a few) and his own band El Rayo X, has etched his sound in the mind of anyone who loves rootsy American rock music. His solo show is a trip to exotic places as he switches between a couple of ouds, a bouzouki and lap steel acoustics of varying sizes while singing oddball originals in his one-of-a-kind falsetto, all interspersed with acerbic, humorous observations and narratives. Case in point: “Tiki Torches at Twilight,” a song from his 1988 album “Very Greasy.” At this performance it brought to mind recent events, but Mr. Lindley didn’t mention Charlottesville, instead choosing to do a lengthy disquisition on a vivid part of the lyrics – barfing, noting that “there’s always corn…” A truism that is so Lindley. Another tour-de-force show by an American treasure.