This cast is ready to deliver

A loose and fun publicity photo shoot revealed that the cast is up for Ensemble Theatre Company’s next production, “Fallen Angels.” Noel Coward’s first comedy has a lot going for it: 2 randy but bored London wives, their boring golfing husbands, a sassy and smart maid, and the cause of all the commotion, a French lothario whose imminent visit puts the 2 leading ladies into a dither. This promises to be cracking good fun, as Julia and Jane, fearing but excited by the return of their mutual former lover, get pie-eyed and let loose with hilarious home truths while the 2 dull hubbies are away at the links. It was pretty strong stuff in 1925, on the eve of the passage of full women’s suffrage in England, turning the tables on the sowing of wild oats and having 2 married women speaking openly about lust and desire. Plus an all-knowing and opinionated “woman in service” who puts everyone in their place. It all still seems pretty relevant 91 years later. Get ready to laugh a lot!

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Directed by Andrew Barnicle, the production runs June 9 – June 26. Ensemble Theatre Company.