The Brother with That Voice

The Neville Brothers played some pretty high energy music with sets punctuated by ballads featuring 2nd youngest Brother Aaron. His “evening with”  show at the Lobero started with pianist Michael Goods laying down some classic New Orleans grooves before Mr. Neville joined him onstage to begin a 90 minute set of soul oldies, standards and signature ballads. It was a wide-ranging journey through Mr. Neville’s songbook of favorites, which he had arrayed by his side on numerous music stands and referred to between songs. A few holiday chestnuts were part of the set, in honor of his youthful ambition to be the next Nat King Cole.  All in all, it was a fairly low key affair with the emphasis on his distinctive and lovely vocal style, that luscious vibrato, soulful falsetto and catch in his voice, all sensitively backed by Mr. Goods who took some tasty solos on grand piano and synthesizer.