So Blues

He did a few other things, but the main focus of the Lobero appearance of David Bromberg and his quintet was the oh-so-gritty, oh-so-nitty, down and dirty blues. Hot off wrapping up recording “The Blues, The Whole Blues and Nothing But The Blues,” multi-instrumentalist Bromberg was having a blast and so was the audience. His fiery guitar playing and growling vocals made it clear Mr. B really loves them ol’ blues as he ripped through his favorites. He spiced things up a bit with some bluegrass, showcasing Nate Grower’s fine fiddling.  Praising the Lobero’s excellent acoustics and ambiance Bromberg stepped to the lip of the stage and brought his bandmates forward for a “we don’t need no stinkin’ mics” bit of unplugged (except for Butch Amiot’s bass) heavenly music making at it’s best. A wonderful evening with a treasure of American music.