Look where the lust for power gets you.

It gets you and a lot of other people dead. In the world of Shakespear’s plays, only Richard III rivals Macbeth for murderousness and blinding ambition. The Macbeths, unlike Richard, are wracked by guilt for their bloody deeds; Lady Macbeth to the point of suicide. So, Macbeth explores the duality of character in the evil-doers while Richard is single-mindedly malevolent. All 3 are eventually beset by paranoia, which seems to be a natural byproduct of being a murderer. Ensemble Theatre Company’s new production of this psychological cauldron-boiler, set in a contemporary “desert storm” milieu, features projections, adding depth and atmosphere to the set and some larger than life ghostly apparitions which torment Macbeth as the ramifications of his blood-letting set in. The play ends with the bad people dead, satisfying the need for catharsis, but a lot of others die before we get there. That’s why it’s a tragedy, a timeless one that continues to resonate with the events of today. Great cast and production! Click on photos to see large.