I think most would agree that laughing is good for you. The release, the endorphins, the fun. The kind of things we need after something terrible. Now you probably had to have a certain political outlook to find all of what went down at the UCSB Arts & Lectures show at the Arlington Theater funny as there was a lot of anti-Trump-and-the-republicans material – read anti racism, sexism and unfettered greed. Opener Angelo Lozada got things off to a zinging start, all spiced with Latin heat. Headliner Trevor Noah spent most of the time dealing with hilarious stories about personal life experiences, kicking off with story about a recent trip to Bali that poked fun at culture-mining tourism, complete with deadly snakes and silly French people. From there it was about adjusting to life in America after moving here from South Africa, from tacos to n word taunts. It wasn’t until near the end that Mr. Noah really dove into our dear leader and his buddies. He’s a relaxed yet animated story teller and people loved it all with a lot of healing laughter, cheers and applause.