Laugh a Lot, Cry a Little

After some sharp and very funny parrying on the phone, George Schneider’s nascent second “life” gets off to a quick start with new love Jennie Malone, then falters for a little while, but ends up back on track at the end of Neil Simon’s autobiographical play “Chapter Two.” Ensemble Theatre Company’s production is great to look at and is beautifully directed and acted, sweeping the audience along in a fast paced, witty and gritty look at romance, sexual attraction and the emotional baggage that inevitably is a part of any relationship. Brother Leo and Jennie’s good friend Faye have the more freewheeling yet ultimately unsuccessful coupling as a wonderfully comedic counterpoint to the “true” love of George & Jennie with it’s fights and making up. Hey, that’s how it still goes, 29 years after this gem was written.