Jumping all over the place

As a sneak preview of Shannon Gillen and Vim Vigor Dance Company’s DANCEworks Santa Barbara residency at the Lobero next fall, Shannon and company dancers Laja Field and Martin Durov came to Santa Barbara May 6 & 7 and put on a show! First up was a high-energy publicity photo shoot onstage, and the next afternoon Laja and Martin gave a taste of what will be coming in September with 2 excerpts, including some work they did while here in Santa B. Thrown through the air, slammed to the floor, speaking lines, combining theater and dance in an original way, these dancers and Shannon’s choreography showcase an all out risk-defying, exciting and thought provoking approach to dance. Be sure to get involved in the residency this coming fall! DANCEworks Santa Barbara, Lobero Theatre and Vim Vigor Dance Company. (click on images to see larger)