Jookin all over the place

Santa Barbara will not be the same after a whirlwind Arts & Lectures residency by Lil Buck and his partner in all things Jookin, Ron Myles. They led exciting masterclasses for students at UCSB,  Santa Barbara Dance Arts and Santa Barbara High School. The pinnacle for students and non-students alike had to be the performance at the Granada Theatre in collaboration with members of the Silk Road Ensemble. Charles “Lil Buck” Riley has taken Memphis Gangsta Walking to a whole new level with this kind of cross-pollinating of artistic forms. It would have been hard to imagine a hip-hop style of dancing working so incredibly well with the polyglot world music that is the done so well by SRE, who also specialize in melding cultural influences and musical traditions. The standout of the evening had to be the least jumped up but most moving piece, Mr. Riley’s interpretation of the death of the Swan from Tchaikovsky’s masterpiece. The show was just over an hour, and everyone was more than satisfied!