High and Low

It’s a rollercoaster ride for music snob and serial girlfriend-dumper Rob Gordon and Laura, his latest love interest. Rob knows he’s an extremist about vinyl records and classic rock, but he’s so completely self-absorbed he doesn’t realize that he’s also a bit of a sexist. Laura leaves him to escape his neglect and numerous insensitive and selfish hurts, and to find herself with the help of a self-styled “new age” conflict resolution guru. Both ex-lovers end up sleeping with other partners and Rob slowly realizes he needs to mend some fences to get Laura back. In between, there are lots of fun musical numbers and goofy subplots involving Rob’s employees at “the last real record store on earth.” Rob & Laura’s mutual friend Liz finally impresses on Rob the need for him to grow up and apologize to Laura (and the five other exes) to get to a happy ending. He even sells his treasure trove of rare 45s to pay back a large sum of money he “borrowed” from Laura. The musical style of the score occasionally seemed at odds with the purported taste of  Rob and his cohorts, but the acting, singing, directing and musical execution of Out of the Box theater Company’s production was excellent!