Have Dog, Will Travel

The The Mastersons are the embodiment of musicians on the road, traveling more than not, performing as a headlining duo and as members of Steve Earle’s band. Their dog Shakti helped them record “Anywhere But Here” with musical barks, and she goes with them on their solo tours, joining them on the stage. She chose to keep mum during their wonderful set at Sings Like Hell’s March show, but her calm presence at their feet was appreciated by all. Witty songwriting, great vocal harmonies, Chris Masterson’s driving guitar gymnastics and wife Eleanor Whitmore’s keening violin made for some fine and original alt-country music making. Country music and rock and roll have always cross pollinated and the second set of the show featured Mike Stinson’s spot-on country/rock melange with a deadpan humor and a good deal of sting. Good stuff!