For the Kids

I’ve seen many wonderful performing arts groups’ presentations for elementary school children and none has held their attention better than the UCSB Arts & Lectures show featuring the Pilobolus dance theater company recently at the Granada Theatre. The kids had no chance to get fidgety or bored. Things started with a bang as members of Pilobolus rushed into the audience raising their arms and exhorting the students to follow suit, creating waves as they went from the front to the back of the theater a couple of times. There was a mix of explaining and educating followed by dance excerpts from pieces inspired by the natural world of birds and other creatures. Full of the wit and physical daring they are known for, these mini performances had the kids spellbound and interactive intervals had them screaming with delight, especially when some lucky ones were invited onstage to mix it up with the dancers. A well paced hour of mystery, beauty, fun and engaging discourse. Bravo!