Digging until it hurts

Near the end of the 3rd week creating FUTURE/PERFECT, Shannon Gillen, Martin Durov, Laja Field, Jason Cianciulli, Emma Whitely and apprentice Rebecca Diab are really digging deeper into this new and intense work of theater dance. All dancers suffer for their art–it’s a very demanding discipline (now that’s an apt word)–but the sheer physicality of this company’s work calls for these dancers to take it a big notch higher and they seem to be fearless with a high tolerance for pain. As Shannon and her company develop this piece, it’s becoming clear the audience will gain a whole new perspective on camping, and life too. Cosmic truths can be found even while doing what seem like ordinary activities, like hanging in the woods around the campfire. After all, “camping out” by its very nature takes us out of our comfort zones and makes us vulnerable. Remember those ghost stories? Mystery awaits.