Bowling in Ojai 2

Friday June 10 highlights: Kaija Saariaho Chamber Music – “Terrestre: Oiseau dansant” featuring ICE and the extraordinary Claire Chase, who got some other-worldly sounds from her flute. The Mystic Hour – “At Night We Walk in Circles and Are Consumed by Fire” by Carla Kihlstedt was a hauntingly beautiful song cycle exploring the waking and sleeping life, and the journey between them, with ICE & Roomful of Teeth. Twilight Concert -Dina El Wadidi and Band, The Sounds of Tahrir Square, Cairo, a musical trip to Egypt with beautiful vocals by El Wadidi and the electric/acoustic sounds of her top-notch band, ranging from celebratory to reflective. Late Night Ojai Extra – half-Ghanian New Zealander Leila Adu’s very personal takes on life,  ranging from love songs to social justice.  Just her voice and piano, in a perfect place to experience and be moved by it.