Bluegrass and Beyond

Sarah Jarosz is a huge talent who writes really beautiful songs and plays multiple stringed instruments with consummate skill and verve. The label of contemporary bluegrass prodigy doesn’t begin to describe the depth and breadth of her musical abilities. She may be grounded in bluegrass, but she has absorbed so much more from a lot of different influences (which are fleetingly apparent) and she brews some mighty fine songs from those exquisite ingredients. She and her collaborators create a soundscape that is enveloping and her songwriting is full of surprising and oh-so-right melodic twists and turns, all the while singing in an achingly lovely voice. For her appearance at the Lobero she was at her essential best, accompanied by Jeff Picker on upright bass and dazzling guitarist Anthony da Costa. Brother Roy, the self-described NYC rock and roll missionary, played a charming and heartfelt opening set from behind his upright piano.