Friday Nite: Not Light

Joelle Lamaar, Julian Otis & Gwendolyn Brown in George Lewis's "Afterword" - The Ojai Music Festival 6/9/17

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One of the Ojai Music Festival’s missions is to test limits and often go beyond them to foster creativity and innovation, and their loyal audience expects and wants it, even when differing opinions and taste can lead to lively debates – it’s all part of the deal. The west coast premiere of George Lewis’s opera “Afterword”…

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Ojai Part 2

Award-winning musician Claire Chase - The Ojai Music Festival 6/9/17 Libbey Bowl

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Friday afternoon and festival favorites the effervescent Claire Chase and multi-talented Tyshawn Sorey held court for some of the kind of music that The Ojai Music Festival is most appreciated for. International Contemporary Ensemble founder Chase can be counted on for provocative, exuberant and sometimes humorous material presented in highly imaginative…

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Getting In Sync

Sara Brophy as Anna and Zander Meisner as Henry in Alan Knee's "Syncopation" - Ensemble Theatre Co. 6/7/17 The New vic Theatre

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Erstwhile ballroom dancing stars Anna and Henry put in a lot of hard work to learn new steps and move together in perfect synchronization, but their personal lives are all over the map. Henry’s got his mother and his consuming passion to rise up out of the abattoir. Anna has a fiancé and a…

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Festivities in Ojai

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I’ve been off taking a lot of photos in central California’s “Shangri-La” in the Ojai valley, which was filled with music that was decidedly cosmopolitan and mostly contemporary. The Ojai Music Festival has been bringing world class performers to the Libbey Bowl  since 1947, and each year features a different Music Director chosen from luninaries of…

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