A Steamy Doll’s House

Asher Grodman & Lily Nicksay in Ensemble Theatre Company's production of Tennessee Williams's "Baby Doll

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Ensemble Theatre Co. has built quite a house in the New Vic: a rotting ramshackle affair that fills a good deal of the stage. The acting, direction, lighting and set design are so good in this production that the big ‘ol house doesn’t overwhelm the dark comedy unfolding in and around…

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Still Running On All Cylinders

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Arlo Guthrie paused his seemingly perpetual motion long enough on his “Running Down the Road” tour to put on a relaxed and rambling concert at the Lobero Theatre. He recently spent a year and a half  touring a 50th Anniversary of Alice’s Restaurant show and this year set off on this one…

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Being Himself

Graham Nash at the Lobero Theatre "This Path Tonight" 4/5/17

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Trials and tribulations, the current political climate, the future of the physical climate, all enough to make people depressed and worried. Graham Nash is a singer and songwriter with a conscience and a big heart, who, with his latest album “This Path Tonight” and supporting tour, is again putting voice to all the…

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Hula Ambassadors

UCSB Arts & Lectures - Na Lei Huku I Ka Wekiu hula lesson 4/9/17 Campbell Hall

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Na Lei Huku I Ka Wekiu’s residency with UCSB Arts & Lectures featured a lesson and demonstration preceding their Campbell Hall show and an appearance at the Isla Vista Elementary school which included student and faculty participation. With the help of a tradewind-like breeze and many Hawaiian shirts, dresses, muumuus…

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