Ballroom Dreams

To wrap up their season of plays about interesting couples, Ensemble Theatre Company presents Alan Knee’s “Syncopation,” a dance drama that follows a budding romance between aspiring ballroom dancers. Meatpacker Henry dreams of becoming famous on the dance floor, but he has a problem: he doesn’t have a partner. He places an ad in the paper offering the chance to “dance for royalty” to any woman brave enough to flout the conventions of 1911 America about what is proper for a young lady. Seamstress Anna takes the plunge even though she doesn’t really know much about dancing, and shows up at the shabby walk-up studio Henry has rented in lower east side Manhatten. Dance lessons ensue followed by romance and soon Anna is getting better than Henry. Emerging feminism and the changes taking place in relations between the sexes, plus a lot of dancing and music, make this a uniquely entertaining play. With Zander Meisner as Henry, and Sara Brophy as Anna. Directed by Maggie Mancinelli-Cahill and choreographed by William Soleau, in collaboration with State Street Ballet. June 8 – 25 at the New Vic Theatre.