A giant tooth and a foot stompin’ good time

Richard Buckner, accompanied onstage by a huge plastic molar, and Konrad Wert, aka Posessed by Paul James, stopped by Peggie Jones’s Sings Like Hell for a couple of hours of 2 distinct musical branches of folk/Americana.

Buckner’s quietly seething wise observations about life provided much to chew on and he held the audience enthralled with an hour of short, highly crafted and beautiful songs that passed by in less than what the clock said. Brooding and introverted yet inexorably drawing the listener in, accompanied by his deceptively simple lyrical guitar playing, this was captivating stuff.

On the extroverted side, Konrad Wert was revved up from the moment he came onstage, giving a rapid-fire introduction and jumping right into some super high-wattage singin’, yippin’ and hollerin’ about family, chaos, maleness, education, love and well, just about everything. Played some pretty mean fiddle, banjo and guitar too, and all the while that left foot kept stompin!