Summer Intensives

A happy group of State Street Ballet Summer Intensive participants 6/29/16 Gail Towbes Center for Dance

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How things have changed. Back in the day, summer vacation was a time for fun. Admittedly, summer camp could be trying at times, but it was supposed to be fun, and often it was. Now these things called Summer Intensives have taken over and you go to summer “camp” with…

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So Blues

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He did a few other things, but the main focus of the Lobero appearance of David Bromberg and his quintet was the oh-so-gritty, oh-so-nitty, down and dirty blues. Hot off wrapping up recording “The Blues, The Whole Blues and Nothing But The Blues,” multi-instrumentalist Bromberg was having a blast and so was the audience. His…

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Take me to the top floor!

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U.S. Elevator took Sings Like Hellions on a retro ride to the penthouse evoking pop/rock legends from the heydays, adding their own sometimes country-infused and definitely Santa B quirky twists. Fearless chief-operator-of-the-lift Johnny Irion wrote the songs and his voice brought to mind Neil Young, John Lennon and Peter Case – fitting, as Case penned the song Peggie Jones…

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