The Pipes and the Goff Part II

Scottish Reel - Santa Barbara Revels: "A Scottishe Celebration of the Winter Solstice" 12/16/16 The Lobero Theatre

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A short video of excerpts from the final performance of the Santa Barbara Revels “A Scottish Celebration of the Winter Solstice” on December 18, 2016. Singing, dancing and capering in the Scottish tradition featuring the Highland Pipes and Drum, the Scottish Sword Dance and so much more. A grand time was…

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Riding in the Camper Van

Camper Van Beethoven - David Lowery 12/28/16 The Lobero Theatre

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Among the founding fathers of “indie” rock, David Lowry and Camper Van Beethoven have been on-again off-again purveyors of eclectic and quirky pop-rock music combining ska, punk, alt-country and a bit of “world” music. Their annual post-Christmas visit to the Lobero is a loud and rollicking trip down memory lane with stops at their hits like…

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Another Solstice Tradition

William Ackerman - 30th Anniversary of Windham Hill's "A Winter's Solstice" 12/19/16 The Lobero Theatre

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To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the first Windham Hill Winter’s Solstice recording, founder Will Ackerman, joined by fellow guitarist Alex de Grassi, multi instrumentalist Barbara Higbie, cellist Ellen Sanders and guitarist & bassist Todd Boston filled the Lobero with an eclectic mix of holiday-themed (and some not) music. Ranging from Ackeman’s…

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