Creative Collisions Pt. 2

Nicole Vaughan-Diaz & Daniel del Valle Escobar 8/11/17 The Lobero Theatre

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These photos from Friday’s rehearsal illustrate some of the differences between tango and contemporary dance. There’s a lot of cross pollination happening between Kate Weare Company dancers Thryn Saxon & Nicole Vaughn-Diaz and Union Tanguera dancers Nayhara Zeugtrager, Gabrielle Weisbuch & Daniel del Valle Escobar as they learn each other’s style and aesthetics. All the while, Kate Weare and Estaban Moreno…

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Totally Tango

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Day 1 for Estaban Moreno and Union Tanguera dancers Gabrielle Weisbuch,  Nayhara Zeugtrager and Daniel del Valle Escobar was put to good use as they began work on the next premiere for DANCEworks Santa Barbara, getting a feel for the space and working out some of Estaban’s exciting Tango moves. One of the…

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Susanna Vapnek’s Fiesta party brings together old friends and family to partake of good company, good libations and delicious gourmet Mexican food expertly prepared by her good friend, the globe-trotting food and spirits writer Nils Bernstein. In the true spirit of Santa Barbara’s annual “Old Spanish Days”Fiesta, this was a very colorful party filled with…

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