Deep Roots

Stinging guitars, a backbeat you can’t lose, love and heartbreak, the neighborhood, sweet harmonies and even choreographed dance moves. For Sings Like Hell’s umpty-umpth show last Saturday night, Eric Ambel and then Charlie Faye and the Fayettes took to the stage of the Lobero and all the rock essentials were there in abundance. Guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer Ambel tends toward the country tinged side of loud and dirty rock while Ms. Faye and company are more in the Motown/Stax/Spector/girl group/soul camp. Mr. Ambel has been around the block a few times and he’s chock full of smart songs played with a loose, raw style that is also grounded in serious musicianship – rock at its most elemental. Charlie Faye also writes smart songs that are filled with catchy melodies and she has a great soulful voice backed up by and harmonizing with Fayettes BettySoo and Akina Adderly. Add a tight choogling band, and this group takes a classic genre and updates it perfectly for today’s more sophisticated ears. You can’t help bopping along.