Big Mac Takes A Fall

Goaded and aided by his wife, Mac’s made it to the top. After the couple poisons the people who stand in the way, Duncan and Duncan’s star mouthwash salesman is made CEO, with a little help from the Weird sisters, witches who do a some plumbing on the side. Such is Emma-Jane Huerta’s wacky take on Shakespeare’s “Macbeth,” set in contemporary Santa Barbara, in honor of Willie’s 400th. Mac gets a swelled head after also becoming Mayor, and is soon wants to run for POTUS. That’s too much for Lady Mac’s guilty conscience and she hightails it out of town. True to the prediction by the Weird’s superior, Mac’s tumble from dizzying heights of power arrives when the trees at Montecito’s exclusive Birnam Wood Golf Club walks all over him, and he is soon done in by the same poisoned punch that dispatched his victims. Full of pointed dialog and hilarious lyrics set to well known pop tunes, it’s another musical theater wonder from Ms. Huerta and the talented kids at Peabody Charter School. Here’s the three minute version.