You Should Know Jack

Sings Like Hellers drive right in when the three lads from Cochtotan (think male appendage), CA come to town. Jackshit’s annual appearance on the stage of the Lobero is cause for celebration for all who love cranked up and jaw-droppingingly played rock and roll with a central valley country twang, along with witty double-entendre laden repartee between songs. The set list ranges from “Pretty Polly” and “Long Black Veil” to “Ugly and Slouchy” with a bluegrass detour for “You Better Get Right.” This year the boys were in extra fine form and were sartorially enhanced by “pussy hats”, donned in honor of the marches in Washington and all over the globe. Lyics like “Baby where you goin’ with that 2 x 4?” seemed apt for the “Pussy Power” mood in the hall.