X-treme Comfort Food

The kitchen has always been a magnet for people to come together in pursuit of comfort, camaraderie, home truths and celebrations. In the spirit of deepening the theatrical experience, Montreal based 7 Fingers brings a huge version of that sacred place to the stage with a spectacular mix of acrobatics, dance, storytelling and, yes, cooking, in “Cuisine & Confessions.” With the help of a couple of audience members, food is prepared and cooked during the show, while cast members relate personal stories from their lives about love, loss, family, life and food. This is a highly entertaining exploration of the deep-seated importance of cooking and eating as acts of communion and succor, feeding much more than our bodies. After seeing jaw-dropping feats of athleticism and grace, the audience gets to partake of what has been cooking and perfuming the theater for the last 90 minutes. At the UCSB Arts & Lectures iteration of this unusual melding of diverse arts at the Granada last Monday, banana bread and pasta were the final rewards for the cheering and hollering attendees.