Two Travelers

By age 18, Jeffrey Halford had moved to numerous California locales and only one thing provided escape and relief from problems with family and school – surfing. Then his father gave him a guitar, he honed his playing busking in San Francisco and founded a rockabilly band, The Snappers, a staple of the SF Bay Area music scene. Music and songwriting gave him purpose beyond riding the perfect wave. Amilia K. Spicer was born and raised in rural Pennsylvania, but she’s been on the move since leaving there, with residences in Los Angeles and Austin, an abiding wanderlust and frequent travels to wide open spaces around the world filled with the mystery that infuses her songs. Ms. Spicer opened the November Sings Like Hell show with a more energetic set than her atmospheric recordings would lead one to expect, as she rocked out a bit here and there and her smoky, inviting voice was all the more satisfying for the added fire and grit. Things kicked into a higher gear when Mr. Halford and his band of 25 years, The Healers, took the stage for a strong set of alt-county meets the down and dirty blues mixed with rock and roll. Who could you resist a song named “Elvis Shot the Television?”