Combining the vocal techniques of Tuvan throat singing, Korean, Georgian, Sardinian, Hindustani and Persian classical singing sounds like a daunting task, but Roomful of Teeth does just that. The group goes way beyond being a choral ensemble, putting together great technical abilities with adventurous artistic flair to create moving and evocative music. As part of the UCSB Arts & Lectures outreach program, group members Dashon Burton, Esteli Gomez, Martha Cluver and Avery Griff visited with students of San Marcos High School’s Vocal Music Dept. to share their knowledge about the fascinating styles of singing, their mentors and teachers. They demonstrated some yodeling and answered student’s questions about their careers and their music. Capping off their day in Santa B was a beautifully hypnotic concert at the Music Academy of the West’s Hahn Hall.