Carrying on Regardless

The morning after the Thomas fire broke out, Santa Barbara was experiencing rolling blackouts, but that didn’t deter UCSB Arrts & Lectures and La Santa Cecilia – their show for county school children went on, even when the lights went out for a short time. Named for the patron saint of musicians, the Los Angeles based group plays an infectious blend of Mexican and rock music with touches of reggae and anything that moves them, and their audiences. There was plenty of Cumbia, Mariachi, Norteño and more that had the kids bopping in their seats and screaming for more. Their cover of the “Strawberry Fields Forever” was revelatory and moving, lead singer Marisol “La Marisoul” Hernandez and her crack band giving it a soulful and nuanced interpretation. When the power went out, they were unfazed as Ms. Hernandez grabbed a bull horn and carried on while the young students were delighted by the added excitement of it all. The end of the show featured a faux selfie with the kids, a kick of a way to wrap up a fun event.