Being Himself

Trials and tribulations, the current political climate, the future of the physical climate, all enough to make people depressed and worried. Graham Nash is a singer and songwriter with a conscience and a big heart, who, with his latest album “This Path Tonight” and supporting tour, is again putting voice to all the emotions and feelings, love and anger that everyone has to deal with. He says he is on a kind of summing up of the journey of his life and career, and wants to connect with his audience’s own lives in that common ground that we all share, the joys and sorrows that make a human life. His show at the Lobero fulfilled that ambition with a charming combination of folksiness and grit, his voice sounding as good as ever. Accompanied by arranging and musical partner Shane Fontayne, this was a beautifully balanced combination of nostalgia and hope, with Mr. Nash able to spend the whole evening not having to share the spotlight with those 3 other guys.