Baile Flamenco!

Noche Flamenca was founded 24 years ago by Martin Santangelo and his award-winning wife, dancer Soledad Barrio, with a mission to perform Flamenco to the highest artistic standards, combining electrifying music, song and dance, while staying true to the passion and essence of this storied and highly charged art form. The company performs all over the world and through extensive residencies and outreach educates young and old about Flamenco’s rich history and the aesthetic of the authentic style they promote and embody. Their residency in Santa Barbara under the auspices of UCSB Arts & Lectures included an interactive demonstration with young students at Franklin elementary school and a master class with company master dancer Juan Ogalla. The kids at Franklin loved it and UCSB dance students had a blast with the charismatic señor Ogalla, who had no trouble communicating with them in spite of his limited english. As he pointed out, when he puts on his dancing shoes, then he is no longer a pedestrian, he is completely committed to and immersed in flamenco!