All About Eggs

Elaine Gale’s one-woman show “One Good Egg,” directed by Rod Lathim, is touching, funny and perfectly paced. It’s a highly entertaining journey through Ms. Gale’s struggle to create a family, going from her fantasies about having children with Mr. Right to actually finding him, a Cox Cable guy, in the alley behind her duplex. Marriage followed and then began her quest to have a child, which turned out to be very difficult. In her mid 30s, she discovered she needed often humiliating fertility treatments. When western methods failed she turned to Asian medicine and got pregnant twice, but lost both babies before birth. Next she and husband Roc tried the last resort: in vitro fertilization, which didn’t take. And then their marriage fell apart. Well, as Elaine tells the audience at the beginning of the show, chickens need grit to make eggs and this is the story of a woman with lots of grit, which it is obvious she needed to build a protective layer around herself to remain a sane and life-loving woman with a great sense of humor. After a separation, she and Roc renewed their vows and are still married, a kind of fairy tale for the 21st century. Video soon.