A Different Perspective

The UCSB Theater & Dance Department’s Dance Concerts are always chock full of really wonderful imagery and “Free/Fall” this spring was no exception. But, due to a scheduling conflict, I shot a show instead of a dress rehearsal. This necessitated shooting form an aisle at the back of the house, at an angle I rarely shoot from. No moving around or access to the center, and a different perspective on the dancers. It meant looking for some different moments to capture with some interesting results, I think, but it didn’t diminish the impact of what transpired on the stage. Lighting, costumes, technical crew and choreography are always collaborations between students, faculty and invited artists from around the country, to foster a fully well rounded education. This production featured three pieces by UCSB student choreographers, three by guest choreographers and excerpts from José Limon’s “Psalm” directed & reconstructed by Alice Condodina.